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You can build a responsible seafood supply chain step-by-step

Companies have a role in safeguarding the health and well-being of workers. 

Knowing which social responsibility issues are most important and how to take action on them is the first step.

RISE provides guidance and tools, case studies, and connections to build responsible seafood supply chains.

The case for taking action:
  • Secure healthy and engaged workers - a key resource for every seafood company
  • Manage brand reputation and operational risk
  • Comply with international standards and national law
  • Enhance stakeholder relationships
  • Strengthen supply chain practices
  • Demonstrate leadership
The Roadmap offers:
  • Actions to build responsible seafood supply chains
  • Tools and templates to implement due diligence
  • A worker-centered perspective on key topics

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This directory highlights on-the-ground organizations, third-party consultancies, and social experts that can help companies achieve their social responsibility goals.

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"As a non-profit dedicated to improving fisheries for the benefit of people and the environment, Future of Fish welcomes RISE as a much-needed hub for increasing awareness and action to improve social responsibility in seafood. This platform is an effective one-stop-shop for companies and organizations looking to understand and implement change on this critical issue and serves as a true system solution for this complex space."


- Marah J Hardt, PhD, Director of Research, Future of Fish

Funding for RISE was generously provided by the Walmart Foundation