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Social responsibility is a journey that requires dedicated resources and an ongoing commitment. Step by step, this Roadmap for Improving Seafood Ethics serves as a go-to resource to help companies uphold legal and ethical labor conditions and safeguard worker well-being.


FishWise, supported by the Walmart Foundation, has consulted with sustainable seafood NGOs and leading human rights organizations to develop RISE with the goal of making social responsibility easier for seafood companies.


RISE was created to help move the seafood industry towards socially responsible practices. To implement these steps, many companies will need additional guidance and consultation from experts. Our goal is to inspire widespread engagement from the seafood industry, that is why RISE is an open, free platform. FishWise and the organizations in the Referral Hub are also available for in-depth partnership and implementation. We provide a variety of services to achieve this mission.


Who is RISE for? 

Simply put, RISE is for the seafood industry - anyone can access and use it. More specifically, a user might be:


  • A retailer or food service company that is unclear about the practices used in their supply chains and is concerned about potential legal or reputation risks.

  • A supplier who has been requested to make improvements and is looking for information on what that may entail.

  • A buyer that has put some social responsibility practices in place and is seeking to implement a worker-centered approach.


For companies looking to take action, RISE delivers:  


  • Actionable recommendations to strengthen responsible seafood supply chains

  • Tools and templates to implement due diligence

  • Worker-centered lens to key topics

Guidance is organized into three categories: 


  • Evaluating and monitoring supply chain risk

  • Improving supply chain practices

  • Communicating about policies, expectations, and progress


Each category contains actionable recommendations and resources to make improvements. 



FishWise led the development of RISE. FishWise promotes the health and recovery of ocean ecosystems by providing innovative market-based tools to the seafood industry, supporting sustainability through environmentally and socially responsible business practices.

Verité consulted on the platform organization and assisted in the curation of relevant resources.

The Walmart Foundation supported the development of RISE through a 2-year grant. 

Issara Institute consulted on the platform organization and assisted in the curation of relevant resources.


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